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The Kylian Mbappe – Real Madrid saga

The world of football is no stranger to high-profile transfer sagas. Yet, few have captured the imagination and intrigue of fans and pundits alike as the Kylian Mbappé – Real Madrid saga. The opinion is divided on this topic, yet a lot of internal informations are saying everything has already been concluded since 2021.

Kylian’s dream

Kylian Mbappé’s meteoric rise in the football world is the stuff of dreams. Even at an extremely young age, he left his mark. His electrifying pace, exceptional dribbling skills, and an innate goal-scoring ability were evident since he was a child. While still a teenager, Mbappé played a crucial role in PSG’s domestic success and announced his arrival on the international stage by helping France lift the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The dream of donning the iconic white jersey of Real Madrid is a goal for many footballers. In the case of Mbappé, this dream is deeply rooted in his family’s history. His idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, who graced the Santiago Bernabéu for nine illustrious seasons, left an indelible mark on the young Frenchman. The prospect of filling the void left by Ronaldo only fueled his desire to join Real Madrid.

The start of the saga

As Kylian Mbappé’s contract with PSG entered its final year, a conundrum arose for the French club. Do they allow their prized asset to leave for free at the end of his contract or negotiate a lucrative transfer fee with Real Madrid? The club’s Qatari owners had deep pockets, but the Financial Fair Play regulations presented a challenge. Not only that, but sources close to Real Madrid said that he was ready to make his move and come play for the Spanish giants.

The summer transfer window of 2021 saw Real Madrid make their move. After a lot of flirting between Mbappe’s clan and Los Blancos, everyone thought this would all be over. The club, despite financial constraints caused by the global pandemic, submitted a world-record transfer bid of over €160 million to secure Mbappé’s services. The saga took a thrilling turn as the footballing world held its breath, anticipating PSG’s response.

However, as sources reported, no answer ever came from PSG. Which pretty much meant that the offer was rejected. And not only that – it meant that Real Madrid had no more time to act as the transfer window was done.

The year it almost happened

Amidst this transfer turmoil, Kylian Mbappé found himself at the heart of a dilemma. He remained loyal to PSG, the club that had nurtured his talents, yet the allure of Real Madrid’s history and their ambition to reclaim their glory days was undeniable. As the player’s desires became a focal point, the saga took an emotional turn.

With the next transfer window drawing close, the footballing world braced itself for part 2. PSG remained firm in their stance once again, with their president Nasser Al-Khalifi outwardly saying that Mbappe won’t go anywhere. But, sources close to Real Madrid were still entertaining the idea and said that this year is THE year.

In the final days of the transfer window, everything seemed to be over. Kylian was supposed to be announced as a Real Madrid player any time now. However, a big twist happened once again. Mbappe, in the last days of the transfer window, extended his contract with PSG until 2024 for a tremendous amount of money.

Sources informed that Perez was furious this time, as Kylian definitely promised him personally on the phone that he will be Real Madrid’s player.

The year it almost happened again

The year 2023 was no different. Kylian and his entourage once again heavily flirted with Real Madrid, but this time, an ultimatum came from PSG – either extend your contract for one more year, or leave this year for no less than 180 milion. Naser Al Khalifi said that he doesn’t intend to let the best player in the world go for free. This time he meant it. It went so far that PSG removed Mbappe from every team picture, removed his image from the stadium, and even removed his jersey from the fan shop. Real Madrid community was over the roof, as it seemed that it is finally over and Kylian will wear the white and gold jersey next season. Kylian was doing interviews stating he is unhappy and not sure of his future at the club.

But… Rumors stopped all of a sudden. Whispers started that Kylian will not join this summer, because he already has a deal (apparently a contract) with Perez of joining for free in 2024. Perez himself said after the transfer window concluded that they made no offers for Mbappe at all.

Once again, everything is the same. Kylian is a PSG player, suddenly changing his stance and now loves and values the club. He still hasn’t signed any extensions, but that remains to be seen. If he doesn’t sign an extension by 2024, in January, he will officially be a free agent and will be able to sign a pre-contract with Real Madrid. Maybe that was their plan all along? Maybe Perez is just prepping everyone for the biggest transfer ever by blowing PR smoke, knowing that everything is ready for 2024.

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